Sunday, March 28, 2010

New summer address

Welcome to the State Of Les blog. Here you will find almost 500 interesting topics to browse through, but you won't find anything newly updated.

I have switched over to YouTube for the time being. I should be back when the snow falls again.

Please feel free to come visit Me and My demented ideas at:

Thank you.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The End ??

Well it's that time of year. Time to get outside and start having some fun.

Which means the daily blogs are done until winter shows up again. I'm not sure how often I'll be typing on here, but I might pop in now and then if something important comes up that I feel the need to bitch about.

In the meantime, you may want to check out My You-Tube page. Yes, I started a You-Tube page and I am currently up-loading videos that are mainly .. uhmmm .. retarded. Oh well. I also have a couple of video-themes in mind that hopefully will be somewhat entertaining.

1. The haunting series. - a fictitious account of a man who is haunted by the spirit world and rubber bands (of all things).

2. What's left? - burning random things to find out what remains after 2000 degrees of heat is applied.

3. Simple life - The conversion of a corner of My quonset into a perfectly comfortable living quarters, all off-the-grid.

4. Random retardedness of who knows what else I come up with.

5. Human stupidity - most filming will be done at the local Walmart I imagine.

Here is the link. All My uploads will be posted on the right hand side. Don't forget to comment and rate the videos (I guess this is important).

Have a great summer, and I'll hopefully see you on the 'video side' !!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

The hottest woman in the world.

Meet Amanda Holden. I would say she is bar-none the most gorgeous woman in the world. I caught a glimpse of her one day on YouTube and have been salivating ever since. She is the Christy Brinkley of 20 years ago. I don't know of anything this woman could do to Me that I would refuse .. she's that HOT!!!!!

She is (or was) one of the judges on 'Britain's Got Talent' (the overseas version of American Idol). If you check her out on Youtube I'm sure you'll fall in love with her too. That's about all I know about her ... other than I have about a one in a billion chance of having her know I exist. Oh yeah, and I'm happily married too, forgot about that!

She has the amazing ability to look hot, elegant, sophisticated, slutty, proper, and sexy. And she's got that cute British accent too. If there were 72 of HER waiting for Me after I strapped a bunch of dynamite to My chest and blew up a village ... I think even I would even convert to Islam!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well it's that time of year again, the time when everyone in America is jumping for joy that they're getting a huge tax refund back!!!!


You people are all fucking retarded ... you know that don't you??


But I wrote about all this last year! So why do I bring it up again?? Because I have fallen into the category of the typical American getting a REFUND!!!! DAMMIT!

Since we live so poorly, and at or below poverty, and the government has this thing called 'tax credits' for poor people .. I am now getting a refund that is NOT MINE!!!

WHY IS THIS SO DAMN DIFFICULT??? WHY CAN'T I NOT PAY IN TAXES, AND IN RETURN NOT GET ANYTHING BACK???? The government is fucking up My brilliant idea of living poorly 'On purpose' !!!!

The basic idea is, I think the government does a absolutely horrible job with spending money responsibly, so I don't want to pay taxes until they get their shit together (which is never). In return, I don't want any money from them either !!!!!!!! I don't want food stamps, heating assistance, or TAX BREAKS !!!!!!!!

Now I admit, I'm an idiot when it comes to the tax laws, I don't have a clue how they work. But isn't there a way to just 'check a box' that says 'no thanks' to tax breaks for the poor??? I mean .. I'm doing this ON PURPOSE!!!!!! It's not like we can't go out and make a bunch of money like other people, we are just choosing not to!!

In case you don't know My views, I'm not anti-government at all. Government is crucial to maintain balance and order in a society. But our government is out of control, and incredibly wasteful. And My personal breaking point was when they spent OUR hard earned money bailing out Wall Street!! When Wall Street fucks over the whole world with their lies and bullshit, and then gets bailed out and forgiven for it ... well, let's just say I've had enough!! But why am I going into these details?? It's not like a huge chunk of Americans aren't pissed off and having tea parties about this already.

I'm all for paying taxes on gas for roads, property taxes for schools, city taxes to pay our public service people to protect us. But this 'nation building', and killing our kids overseas for oil campaign, and the bailouts ........ FUCK NO! Actually - FUCK NO TIMES 10!!! (how's that!)

So in conclusion, My plan to live a more simple life, and to make an income that the government deems 'poverty' was going along great until I hit this little snag. I don't understand why I can't just automatically NOT get any handouts, but I guess I have another year to figure this out so it don't happen again. The only solution I have for this year is to think about the money I'm getting back and say it's REVENGE for the days when I did make good money and the government used it to 'ATTACK THE WRONG COUNTRY' in the war against 9-11, and in the process get the entire world to hate us!!!!!!!!! Yeah, when I think about it that way it's not so bad.

So in My quest to live a different lifestyle, and prove that it's the right thing ... I never said it would go perfectly. It's obvious that there would be some bumps along the way, and I guess getting money back would be considered a 'good bump' !!! But it's just frustrating that when you don't pay any money in ... your obligated to get money back. That's NOT what My plan was, and hopefully next year I'll find out how to legally 'just say no' without raising some flags with the IRS and causing a big audit or something.

And in closing, I felt obligated to let you all know about this as I would be quite a hypocrite spouting how I live they way I do, only to find out that I got a refund after all. Believe Me, it was not planned, or even welcomed for that matter!!! But at least I'm honest, which is more than I can say for the Wall Street cocksuckers that broke this country to begin with. Amen.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here's a whole group of people that I wouldn't mind jumping off a cliff to an untimely death.

These morons who walk around with a blue-tooth earpiece in their ear appearing to talk to themselves. You people are some of the most retarded people I've seen.

What exactly is the goal here? To free up your hands so it's not so difficult to grab a gallon of milk in the grocery store? So you can jerk off with both hands while you call 1-900 numbers?

You people look like a bunch of morons!!!!!! Walking around talking to yourself. Do you really think your that important? And then, when your NOT talking on the phone, you look like you have an over sized hearing aid in your ear. Not to mention it's rude! Walking around looking like your talking to people, but actually your just chatting with your spouse deciding if they wanted regular Pepsi or diet Pepsi ... yeah, that's important. Thank God you bought a $50.00 headset for that!!! And then when your at the check out, the poor clerk doesn't have a clue if your talking to her, or your electronic gizmo in your pants, and your stupid enough to attempt to have a conversation with BOTH OF THEM!!!!!!!

I used to think that if a lone person came up to Me talking, He might be directing his voice at Me. But now I don't know what the hell to think. I guess I'm forced to once again tune out more people in My life. You people should have to wear a big red light on your head that flashes every time your phone is on, then the rest of us would know that your walking around in la-la land chatting with someone.

And what about the brain tumors!!!!!! They linked cell phone usage with brain tumors now!! Just how in the hell are you going to get a brain tumor if the damn phone isn't even up to your ear anymore?? I was counting on this to be the 'blessing in disguise', but now that's shot to hell too. Oh well, I guess testicle cancer will be just fine too.

So soon we'll just have a whole world of people walking around appearing to be talking to themselves, while ignoring everybody that's right next to them. Yeah ...... that's normal.

Which reminds Me to start building that 10 foot wall around the perimeter of the 'State of Les' real soon.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


ConfusLes think people who get killed by tsunamis and people who get killed by trains must share the same gene pool, since both are very difficult to not see coming.

Health Care Passes Vote

Well here's My take on the health care debate.

Universal health care can probably be a good thing. Other countries have been doing it for years and have had great success. The problem lies with our government and the incredible success rate they have of fucking things up. We have such massive bureaucracy in every damn thing that it takes 2 years to swim through all the bullshit just to get something completed, and by that time, it's usually too late. If you don't believe Me, go "Google" new world trade center and take a look at the tower that's there to replace the old ones. That's right, 8 1/2 years later and there STILL isn't one built! That's not the United States I remember!!! The United States I remember would have built a new tower in 6 months after the bombing as a message of 'FUCK YOU' to the terrorists. But 8 1/2 years later, it's still in bullshit land with all the politicians. Nice work people.

Not to mention the core principles of health care. It really doesn't make sense that companies should profit on other peoples sickness. That alone just doesn't make much sense. So we got the American fat diet getting rich off us selling shit food, then we got the medical companies getting rich selling us pills because of the many consequences of eating the American diet. Hmmmmmm. But, bottom line .. people have to be stupid enough to eat crap on a daily basis to begin with. No one has a gun to anyone's head saying "HERE, eat this triple cheeseburger with bacon."

Or the fact that this country is a wee bit broke. I can understand Obama wanting to take on a major project while He's president, but under the circumstances I think if He just balanced the budget He would be a national hero. We sure as hell don't need any new projects to undergo during this time of massive deficits. If I were Him, I would have made a public speech that said, "I HAD a dream of national health care, but considering the reality of where this country is sitting financially, the plans have unfortunately changed and I must focus on getting rid of the massive debt snowball we are living in .. end of story!" But He's got his ego to fill, so here comes more spending on the way. I know, I know ... it's gonna SAVE money. BULLSHIT!!!! When has the government ever done something to save money?? They are the least financially responsible structure in the history of EVER!!!

Maybe I'm wrong about this outlook .. hell, I HOPE I am! But going by the track record of the results in the past, it seems unlikely.

And on a final note, I am very disappointed in Myself. I used to not care about world happenings. I never cared about what's 'in the news', and now I find Myself looking at news stories once again. It is on the internet, and not on TV, so I must give Myself some credit. I still won't turn on the boob-tube to this day. I admit, this gets worse in the winter months since it's usually minus 20 degrees outside, but that's still no excuse. There was a time not long ago that nuclear missiles could have been flying around the world, but as long as they didn't land on My property, I didn't give a shit. I guess being retired and living in frozen tundra land does have it's disadvantages as I will always find something to keep the mind busy. It's just that caring about what the rest of the world is doing is a terrible choice as people are idiots. I long for the days when all I care about is a little patch of land called the "State Of Les" again.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Work quiz

The other day at work I did another little experiment. We all had to take some stupid test on the computer about proper lifting procedures and crap. But on one of the screens there was a picture of the human spine, including the tailbone. So I asked My manager if she knew why we have a tailbone, and she didn't have a clue. I told her it's what's leftover from the days when we had a tail. She gave Me the strangest look. Then I asked her if she believed in evolution or that we came from Adam and Eve, and she said she had no idea.

So this kicked off My project for the night. To ask everyone about this picture on the computer screen, and get their answers on why we have a tailbone, if we evolved from apes or if they think we came from the biblical story.

The correct answer is the tailbone is what's left from the days when we had an actual tail. Our tailbone serves NO practical purpose at all, in fact it's kind of a pain in the ass (pun intended). It's just a useless vestigial organ that our DNA has basically turn off the switch for 'making a tail'. And YES .. there is a mountain of evidence supporting this claim!! Let's just say that around 97% of all the scientist in the world agree!

So as the night progressed I ended up asking everyone the same questions, and was amazed at the results.

- 1 person out of 8 got the answer right. Her answer was "Because we used to have a tail???" Her tone was very uncertain and she gave the answer in sort of a questioning form. But I gave her credit for it so at least one person got it right.

- Do you believe in evolution. Again, 1 out of 8 people said they did. 4 said they didn't have a clue, and the other 3 said we came from Adam and Eve.

And one person actually threatened Me!! She was highly pissed that I dare say that she came from a monkey!!!! Her exact words were, "Don't you dare say that I came from some fucking monkey! I ain't no fucking monkey!! And I didn't come from no fucking caveman either! I came from Adam and Eve, and people can fuck off if you they think otherwise!!!!" WOW ..... such nice christian language I thought. Needless to say I had to back-pedal a bit and assure Her that she was right and that most Americans think the same way so she was in good company!

But in reality, this whole test was a little scary for Me. I've seen the statistics on the internet, but it's much more frightening to see it in real life. To know that most Americans don't have a clue about evolution but I bet they can tell you who's sleeping with Brad Pitt! I mean a few of these people are in college!!! I would have hoped that at least college would be teaching the scientific facts! It was either the fact that they had NO idea about it, or the violence that came with it that really made Me see how people can be stuck in a rut about bigger ideas in life. Our lack of knowledge is really scary, and YES .. this was Me a few years ago too, I'm no better!

The next thing I'd like to do is ask everyone about the "Noah's Ark" story, and if they believe it's true or not. This should prove to be incredibly difficult since most of the people at work are onto Me and know that I'm not asking this stuff out of just everyday conversation. Might I say that My 'study group' has reach it's breaking point. Might be time to get a new job!!

So from My little miniature study on people, it's sad to say that the next generation is probably not going to be any better than what we have today. And the decline of America seems to be inevitable. So I guess the rest of the world will continue to kick our ass when it come to forging ahead with science and knowledge, meanwhile our country will believe that we all came from MAGIC, and in a few years Sarah Palin will lead us all to Armageddon.

Yeah ...... the future looks bleak.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

In the news : Home Schooling

"Top home-school texts dismiss Darwin, evolution."

Christian-based materials dominate a growing home-school education market that encompasses more than 1.5 million students in the U.S. And for most home-school parents, a Bible-based version of the Earth's creation is exactly what they want. Federal statistics from 2007 show 83 percent of home-schooling parents want to give their children "religious or moral instruction."


That's just fucking great! What a bunch of ignorant, worthless, stupid, inbreed assholes!!!

My loving wife pointed this article out to Me in our local newspaper because She thought I'd be interested in it. She was right! When she told Me that the article was about home school textbooks don't have evolution in them, I made a guess and said "Because most home school parents are Christians!!" As it turns out ... I was right.

This is really a double edge sword for Me. On one hand I applaud these mothers on taking on the task of home schooling their children ... it's a massive job!! I personally think that for the first few years if a child is home schooled, then moves on to public school later, that's not such a bad idea. Nor do I have any problems with kids just going to public school too. But on the other hand, Christians make up a huge part of home school parents, and they also have a lot of power to influence home school curriculum (like books)!! Next thing you know, they throw out evolution since it goes against their theory of 'MAGIC'!! Oops, too late .. they've already done that!!!

What's next christian parents?? Are you gonna stop teaching the theory of gravity and tell you kids God put 'magic velcro' on everything to stop things from falling upward?? Or nix the idea of the germ theory, and instead tell your kids that when people get sick it's just Satan inside of you and prayer and a exorcist are the answer?

So My hats go off to you proud christian parents out there. Thank you so much for 'dumbing down' the future of our world. Maybe in another 30 years we can still base our most qualified president as the one who has the most faith in Jesus Christ like we did with George Bush. You people have NO idea how much damage you are doing, because your too ignorant to see the light .. the REAL LIGHT called reality!! Oh yeah, and thank you for making yet another thing in the world just something for Me to be pissed off at! PRICKS!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


N.M.D. - National Masturbation Day

This is an idea that I would love to have 'cum' over the globe in the near future.

Think about it! One of the biggest problems in the world today stems from 'penis entering vagina' syndrome! This could be easily alleviated by a simple 'flick of the wrist' (so to speak). We need to get together and take a STAND, UNITE, ... and let our voices be heard !!! And tell the world that it's OK TO CHOKE YOUR CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!

Not to mention it would be another day off of work!! A national holiday .. hell, a global holiday!!! One day a year we could guarantee that all the people of the world would be home 'double clicking their mouse' or 'spanking the one eyed wonder worm'. Yes one day a year it would be nice to know that your mailman, your peace officers, your Walmart clerk ... everybody is at home 'beating the bishop'. And at work from now on, we would no longer have 'smoke breaks', but instead we would have 'jerk breaks'. Think of the increase in production if all the stress and tension disappears!!!!!!

This concept could end all the stress in the world. It could end all the WARS in the world!!! I mean think about it. If everyone jerked off on the same day, what would they be like the NEXT day at work?? No stress, no hormone buildup, no semen backup!! Everyone would just be relaxed and peaceful and happy. Even the Islamic extremists would be so happy to finally have 30 years of backed up baby batter pressure off their minds, they wouldn't feel like strapping bomb to themselves and blowing up a small village.

Did you know that in the middle east they actually force women to cut off their clitoris to keep them from getting sexual aroused? And the men just let the pressure build up until they eventually fly planes into skyscrapers!! ALL IN THE NAME OF GOD!!!! What the fuck kind of solution is this?? Who the hell put these boneheads in charge??? Jesus H. Christ !!! Take 5 minutes in a restroom stall and 'clean the pipes' ....... you'll get the same results and be a lot happier!!!

And another thing, for at least one day of the year nine months later, we will drastically cut down the number of BIRTHS there are in the world!!! Yeah, it ain't much of a dent, but it's a start!! If N.M.D. goes over well, we could increase it to 2 times a year, then once a month, then once a week!!! Hell if all goes well, the whole world could eventually masturbate as much as I do!!! (OK, that might have been a bit too much information, but you get the idea).

This could help boost the economy also as the sales of Kleenex, Charmin, and Bounty would certainly be on the rise. Not to mention I'm sure we'd see an increase in the sales of lotion and hand cream too.

If masturbation was a part of our morning ritual (like brushing our teeth), then one day 2 kids wouldn't want to fight each other at school, and a serial rapist wouldn't have the urge to stalk some chic and kill her one night, then our democrats wouldn't feel like fighting the republicans, then the Crypts wouldn't feel like murdering the Bloods, then North Korea wouldn't feel like fighting South Korea, then India wouldn't feel like nuking Pakistan!!!! I HAVE A DREAM!!!!!!!!

So lets all start a march to the very doorsteps of Washington and break down the White House door and tell President Obama that we need a National Masturbation Day written into our constitution!! It's just a damn good idea!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Believe it or not, I am approaching 500 blogs ! Holy shit! Who'da thunk it?

I think I have My own bible now. Hell the bible only has 66 books in it, mine has 500 (and makes a lot more sense!).

So 500 blogs written over the period of around 1 1/2 years (including some time off). And with that comes maybe 5 die-hard fans, possibly 5 more random viewers that pop in every now and then, and the occasional random hits I get on a 'google search'. Yeah .. not real impressive. I've had over 1000 different people out there come to My sight, with way under 1% ever coming back again. I'd say it's safe to say that My commentary on life is not widely accepted among the masses. And yet some dumb ass out there writes that her kid just took a shit, or that her baby just had her first tooth, or that she's sewing a quilt ..... and she gets 100 hits a day!!! Yeah, needless to say I REALLY don't understand people in the world today.

What would cause a man to continue on such a obvious failed attempt at becoming a internet superstar??? Well, perhaps that I never wanted to become a internet superstar. I have bumped into and worked with many people since I've started writing this demented garbage, and I didn't tell a single person about it. Perhaps it's because that My biggest fan is ME! I enjoy flipping back through stuff I wrote and re-learning about stuff that I can't remember. And I have a great ability for not remembering shit like I used to, so it kinda comes in handy.

So anyway, now that spring is near and it's time to 'get a life' and come out of hibernation and start spending mass quantities of time outside, I'll probably take a break again. But winter is just a short time away again and I'll probably return to bitching about human stupidity again when the snow starts falling again.

In the meantime, I do have another outlet I'd like to pursue. I'm going to be heading over to 'You Tube' for the summer months. I have some ideas on filming some human stupidity in action that should prove to be entertaining. And I have an idea for a segment I think I'm going to call "What's Left?". I don't want to go into any great detail, but lets just say it involves a video camera, a high powered propane flame, and some random everyday objects that are just taking up space. And again, I won't be doing this to get 1000 hits a day. I'm doing it for the hell of it! I'm doing it because it's fun! I'm doing it because it's interesting! I'm doing it because the 'typical' lifestyle just doesn't appeal to Me, and I get bored very easily with the thought of waking up, showering, shitting, going to work for a huge chunk of My life, coming home, sleeping and REPEAT!! And I'm doing it because I'm retarded. It doesn't matter ... I'm doing it!!

**NOTE** - you may already be aware of some Youtube activities by now. If not, here is the link :

So now that I'm coming up on 500 blogs, I feel I should put this all in print and sell it at Barnes & Noble or something. Maybe it could be the gift of the year 2010! At the very least, I should edit My blogs down and create a book called "101 reasons that people are fucking stupid!!" How about I kick Ann Landers off and take over? I think I'd make a good daily advice column .. don't you?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The asteroid belt.

So we've been to Mars, very impressive indeed. Next up is Jupiter, but there is a slight obstacle called the asteroid belt in the way. Actually we've already had unmanned space craft fly through it and nothing hit it, but that asteroid belt is still cool to talk about, hence today's blog.

The asteroid belt lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. While it's impressive to see a huge belt of rocks all floating around an orbit in our solar system, it is estimated that if you took all those rocks and combined them together, they wouldn't even come close to the size of our moon. Just a little pocket of space dust on the grand scheme of things.

The largest known asteroid in the asteroid belt is nearly 600 miles in diameter, it's basically called a dwarf planet. I'd say if that thing ever decided to hurl toward the earth we'd be slightly fucked.

It is believed that the asteroid belt is basically just a bunch or rocks that never quite made it to becoming part of a planet when our solar system was born. Not enough gravitational pull, not in the right orbit ... basically not in the right place at the right time. Our solar system was born in the area of this asteroid belt, in fact everything inside the belt is called the inner solar system, and everything outside the belt is called the outer solar system.

Here's an interesting asteroid factoid : The biggest asteroid to hit the Earth this century was in Siberia on June 30, 1908. The rock was about 100,000 tons and the size of a large house. It shattered in the air, while about four miles from the ground, creating an explosion 2,000 times stronger than an atomic bomb! It demolished thousands of square miles of forestation.

I guess one day two large asteroids could collide, sending one of them spiraling on a direct path to earth and wipe us out of existence. But since Mars and Jupiter are closer than we are, and they are both still around, I'd say it's safe to assume that when I wake up tomorrow, we'll all still be here.

Since I'm talking about asteroids .... HERE is a cool game that I've spent countless hours playing back in the good old days. High-tech electronic entertainment to say the least.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Facebook Analogy Part 8

Stupid postings ... smart ass replies.


Yes, its been 9 years. Some good days. Some bad. Still my favorite place in the world is cuddled up with him.

Ahhhwwww ... how SWEET IS THAT?? Next time it's his birthday, why don't you make a wish and blow him?!? And I'm guessing NOBODY remembered your anniversary either since you had to post it on Facebook just to get some attention!


God has sent many blessing my way today, I'm not sure I could explain it better than that! =0)

This is just wrong on so many levels. This lady wants to give thanks to God for all the stuff that SHE'S ACCOMPLISHED in her life lately!!! Why don't you give YOURSELF some credit for all the college you've taken, and the pursuing of the job you wanted? It's just to damn bad that college didn't teach you the difference between mythology and reality!


•.¸¸¸.•*¨*•Put ? this ? on ? your ? status ? if ? you ? have ? the ? most ? beautiful ? DAUGHTER ? in the ? world•*¨*•.¸¸¸.•*¨*••*¨*Love you ------

Ahhhhh shit!!!!! You beat Me to it!! And YOU have the most beautiful daughter in the world now!!! God Dammit!! Mine is just an ugly sack of shit now!! My daughter will certainly become a crack whore and pregnant doing interviews on the Maury Povich show! Why don't I just kill Myself and My daughter and get it over with??


Today is the International Day for the Fight Against Cancer... In memory of those who lost the battle against cancer, and those who continue fighting. I pray for a cure. 92% of you won't copy & paste this text to their Facebook profile status, will you? I DID, for those I care for. Proud to be part of the 8%!

And just what contributions are you and the other 8% of the think-tank doing to help out with cancer anyway? Is it the fact that your praying about it? Or wishing it wasn't so? (which is about the same as praying by the way). If cancer is so bad, why did YOUR GOD invent it?? Seems kinda fucked up to Me!! So go ahead .. be the PROUD 8% that did NOTHING to improve the odds to cure cancer ... I'll stick with the other 92% who actually believe that physical work is needed to cure a disease. You should be EMBARRASSED to be in the 8% category.

And by the way .. cancer has been around for like 4000 years ... I think we can rule out PRAYER as an option that DOESN'T WORK!!! Dumb bitch!!


------- has requested that I take them ice skating today. I took ----- ice skating once about four years ago. Other than that, I have not skated in about 20-25 years. We will be going to the little outdoor rink in the middle of town.....thank goodness it's a *small* town! ;-) (I wonder if I should strap a pillow to my backside?)

As long as you DON'T wear any head protection, I really don't see any harm that can become of it. Enjoy .. and play hard!!


is very frustrated right now ergh........

*WARNING* - lame attempt to get people to pay attention to this persons pathetic needs.


----- is proud. ------ is representing her class today at the county spelling bee. Good luck!

Wow .. a student who can spell, that's really shocking news. Why don't you just be happy that your kid was born with 10 fingers and 10 toes and spare the rest of us all the bragging about stupid shit!?!


Is spendind time with ----- mom, dad and grandma! What a great night! God is so good! Thank you God for the blessings

Seriously!??!! Is there ANYTHING that you DON'T give God PRAISE FOR??? Thanking God for spending time with someone ... like that wasn't YOUR choice to do that or anything. You had a good time with relatives and your only response is "God is so good!" What a fucking delusionoid you are! Do you do this at home when a nice healthy 12 inch turd slides quietly into the bowl without splashing? "AHHHHHHHHHHH .... GOD IS SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!" We need to find all the people like you and have a public hanging in the town square one day!!


Until the whole world hears.. Lord we are crying out!

Believe Me ... it's been like 2000 years now and millions and millions of people dead in "HIS" name. I think it's safe to say the world has heard of Him by now. Why don't you try something new and KEEP HIM TO YOUR FUCKING SELF???


kinda just lounging around the house today. hoping my contacts show up so i don't have to where my glasses to work again

And once again ... I'm just speechless.


What is the measure of a man? Is it his strength, or is it a thought that others feel a man must be. Is sexuality that much of a focus in life? The past is just that. We all dwell in it at times, but the present and future still are to come. Is BI-Sexuality that bad that one must be a pushed down for it.

Here's a guy who's married and is constantly writing shit like this. Why don't you just admit it ... YOUR FUCKING GAY!!!!!!! Admit that you got married to try to lead a 'normal' life while hiding your homosexuality. My advice to you : Get a divorce, let your ex-wife continue on her way to try and regain what sense of pride she has left, meanwhile your free to go out and suck dick without guilt. It's a win-win situation you stupid fudge packer!


Lost in thought, it is answers that are sought. How lost one can become. Fighting to find the light. Only to be trapped by darkness. Friends who seem true, now glow from their own radiation. Trusting only in ones self. The games others play. Only to be forced to play yourself. Where is the sanctity in life.

More stupid posting by 'gay boy'. I mean come on ... wake up to reality!! Your a married man who types poetry about how tough it is to be gay in the world. READ THE CLUES Sherlock Holmes. I say the sooner you have a big penis stuck up your ass, the happier you'll be.


Well that's enough for this time. And it also brings to a close the 'Facebook Analogy' series. After watching what everyone types for a couple weeks, and then commenting on it didn't take long to see a pattern that just about everything that gets typed out on Facebook is pretty much a repeat after a very short time. Hence, it is useless to continue this venture .. kinda like Facebook itself. Hope you enjoyed it, it was an interesting experiment for Me.

All 8 of the FaceBook Analogies will soon be available on DVD by late spring 2010 for only $29.99 plus S+H. Send your checks in today to make sure you get a copy!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The 'State Of Les' is the third nation, along with Haiti and Chili to get slammed by a devastating earthquake in 2010. Could this be the beginning of the end for us all ?????????????

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John 3:16

Get it ?? Today is March 16th, or 3/16. What a perfect day to talk about a famous bible verse.

So what exactly does John 3:16 say? It says :

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Hmmmmmmm. I don't see what is so special about this verse, it seems just as stupid as any other bible verse if you ask Me.

-God so loved the world. - I doubt that, all evidence points to the fact that God hates the world. He's pissed off, jealous, and angry that we always fuck up (but He invented us). Doesn't it seem odd that an all powerful being has such petty human emotions as jealousy, and anger??

-He gave His only begotten Son - Well now, I never asked you to give up your son. Nor did I say that He had to be an only child! I mean - your God ... why didn't you just magically impregnate 100 women instead of just one?

- And you really didn't give up your Son .. because your son is YOU! And since you know everything, then you already knew that after 3 days you would rise again and go right back to heaven where you came from in the first place. What kind of sacrifice is that?

- Shall not perish, but have everlasting life - BULLSHIT! Everybody perishes. Anyone and everyone who has ever lived has perished. And what's this everlasting life stuff? Do you have any proof that there is everlasting life? NO! That's the beauty of religion ... all the magic happens AFTER YOU DIE!!! Wow .... what a concept! No way anyone can ever prove you wrong!


I'd like to propose My own bible verse that makes about as much sense.

For Les so loved the world, that He sent a spaghetti monster to watch over you during your time on earth, and that all who believe in the pasta fairy shall never die, but live eternally forever in the big meatball in the sky.

Notice any similarities??? Yeah ... you can't prove ME wrong either. Enough said.