Friday, March 19, 2010


Believe it or not, I am approaching 500 blogs ! Holy shit! Who'da thunk it?

I think I have My own bible now. Hell the bible only has 66 books in it, mine has 500 (and makes a lot more sense!).

So 500 blogs written over the period of around 1 1/2 years (including some time off). And with that comes maybe 5 die-hard fans, possibly 5 more random viewers that pop in every now and then, and the occasional random hits I get on a 'google search'. Yeah .. not real impressive. I've had over 1000 different people out there come to My sight, with way under 1% ever coming back again. I'd say it's safe to say that My commentary on life is not widely accepted among the masses. And yet some dumb ass out there writes that her kid just took a shit, or that her baby just had her first tooth, or that she's sewing a quilt ..... and she gets 100 hits a day!!! Yeah, needless to say I REALLY don't understand people in the world today.

What would cause a man to continue on such a obvious failed attempt at becoming a internet superstar??? Well, perhaps that I never wanted to become a internet superstar. I have bumped into and worked with many people since I've started writing this demented garbage, and I didn't tell a single person about it. Perhaps it's because that My biggest fan is ME! I enjoy flipping back through stuff I wrote and re-learning about stuff that I can't remember. And I have a great ability for not remembering shit like I used to, so it kinda comes in handy.

So anyway, now that spring is near and it's time to 'get a life' and come out of hibernation and start spending mass quantities of time outside, I'll probably take a break again. But winter is just a short time away again and I'll probably return to bitching about human stupidity again when the snow starts falling again.

In the meantime, I do have another outlet I'd like to pursue. I'm going to be heading over to 'You Tube' for the summer months. I have some ideas on filming some human stupidity in action that should prove to be entertaining. And I have an idea for a segment I think I'm going to call "What's Left?". I don't want to go into any great detail, but lets just say it involves a video camera, a high powered propane flame, and some random everyday objects that are just taking up space. And again, I won't be doing this to get 1000 hits a day. I'm doing it for the hell of it! I'm doing it because it's fun! I'm doing it because it's interesting! I'm doing it because the 'typical' lifestyle just doesn't appeal to Me, and I get bored very easily with the thought of waking up, showering, shitting, going to work for a huge chunk of My life, coming home, sleeping and REPEAT!! And I'm doing it because I'm retarded. It doesn't matter ... I'm doing it!!

**NOTE** - you may already be aware of some Youtube activities by now. If not, here is the link :

So now that I'm coming up on 500 blogs, I feel I should put this all in print and sell it at Barnes & Noble or something. Maybe it could be the gift of the year 2010! At the very least, I should edit My blogs down and create a book called "101 reasons that people are fucking stupid!!" How about I kick Ann Landers off and take over? I think I'd make a good daily advice column .. don't you?

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