Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here's a whole group of people that I wouldn't mind jumping off a cliff to an untimely death.

These morons who walk around with a blue-tooth earpiece in their ear appearing to talk to themselves. You people are some of the most retarded people I've seen.

What exactly is the goal here? To free up your hands so it's not so difficult to grab a gallon of milk in the grocery store? So you can jerk off with both hands while you call 1-900 numbers?

You people look like a bunch of morons!!!!!! Walking around talking to yourself. Do you really think your that important? And then, when your NOT talking on the phone, you look like you have an over sized hearing aid in your ear. Not to mention it's rude! Walking around looking like your talking to people, but actually your just chatting with your spouse deciding if they wanted regular Pepsi or diet Pepsi ... yeah, that's important. Thank God you bought a $50.00 headset for that!!! And then when your at the check out, the poor clerk doesn't have a clue if your talking to her, or your electronic gizmo in your pants, and your stupid enough to attempt to have a conversation with BOTH OF THEM!!!!!!!

I used to think that if a lone person came up to Me talking, He might be directing his voice at Me. But now I don't know what the hell to think. I guess I'm forced to once again tune out more people in My life. You people should have to wear a big red light on your head that flashes every time your phone is on, then the rest of us would know that your walking around in la-la land chatting with someone.

And what about the brain tumors!!!!!! They linked cell phone usage with brain tumors now!! Just how in the hell are you going to get a brain tumor if the damn phone isn't even up to your ear anymore?? I was counting on this to be the 'blessing in disguise', but now that's shot to hell too. Oh well, I guess testicle cancer will be just fine too.

So soon we'll just have a whole world of people walking around appearing to be talking to themselves, while ignoring everybody that's right next to them. Yeah ...... that's normal.

Which reminds Me to start building that 10 foot wall around the perimeter of the 'State of Les' real soon.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!!! db

Les said...

You welcome.