Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Facebook Analogy Part 8

Stupid postings ... smart ass replies.


Yes, its been 9 years. Some good days. Some bad. Still my favorite place in the world is cuddled up with him.

Ahhhwwww ... how SWEET IS THAT?? Next time it's his birthday, why don't you make a wish and blow him?!? And I'm guessing NOBODY remembered your anniversary either since you had to post it on Facebook just to get some attention!


God has sent many blessing my way today, I'm not sure I could explain it better than that! =0)

This is just wrong on so many levels. This lady wants to give thanks to God for all the stuff that SHE'S ACCOMPLISHED in her life lately!!! Why don't you give YOURSELF some credit for all the college you've taken, and the pursuing of the job you wanted? It's just to damn bad that college didn't teach you the difference between mythology and reality!


•.¸¸¸.•*¨*•Put ? this ? on ? your ? status ? if ? you ? have ? the ? most ? beautiful ? DAUGHTER ? in the ? world•*¨*•.¸¸¸.•*¨*••*¨*Love you ------

Ahhhhh shit!!!!! You beat Me to it!! And YOU have the most beautiful daughter in the world now!!! God Dammit!! Mine is just an ugly sack of shit now!! My daughter will certainly become a crack whore and pregnant doing interviews on the Maury Povich show! Why don't I just kill Myself and My daughter and get it over with??


Today is the International Day for the Fight Against Cancer... In memory of those who lost the battle against cancer, and those who continue fighting. I pray for a cure. 92% of you won't copy & paste this text to their Facebook profile status, will you? I DID, for those I care for. Proud to be part of the 8%!

And just what contributions are you and the other 8% of the think-tank doing to help out with cancer anyway? Is it the fact that your praying about it? Or wishing it wasn't so? (which is about the same as praying by the way). If cancer is so bad, why did YOUR GOD invent it?? Seems kinda fucked up to Me!! So go ahead .. be the PROUD 8% that did NOTHING to improve the odds to cure cancer ... I'll stick with the other 92% who actually believe that physical work is needed to cure a disease. You should be EMBARRASSED to be in the 8% category.

And by the way .. cancer has been around for like 4000 years ... I think we can rule out PRAYER as an option that DOESN'T WORK!!! Dumb bitch!!


------- has requested that I take them ice skating today. I took ----- ice skating once about four years ago. Other than that, I have not skated in about 20-25 years. We will be going to the little outdoor rink in the middle of town.....thank goodness it's a *small* town! ;-) (I wonder if I should strap a pillow to my backside?)

As long as you DON'T wear any head protection, I really don't see any harm that can become of it. Enjoy .. and play hard!!


is very frustrated right now ergh........

*WARNING* - lame attempt to get people to pay attention to this persons pathetic needs.


----- is proud. ------ is representing her class today at the county spelling bee. Good luck!

Wow .. a student who can spell, that's really shocking news. Why don't you just be happy that your kid was born with 10 fingers and 10 toes and spare the rest of us all the bragging about stupid shit!?!


Is spendind time with ----- mom, dad and grandma! What a great night! God is so good! Thank you God for the blessings

Seriously!??!! Is there ANYTHING that you DON'T give God PRAISE FOR??? Thanking God for spending time with someone ... like that wasn't YOUR choice to do that or anything. You had a good time with relatives and your only response is "God is so good!" What a fucking delusionoid you are! Do you do this at home when a nice healthy 12 inch turd slides quietly into the bowl without splashing? "AHHHHHHHHHHH .... GOD IS SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!" We need to find all the people like you and have a public hanging in the town square one day!!


Until the whole world hears.. Lord we are crying out!

Believe Me ... it's been like 2000 years now and millions and millions of people dead in "HIS" name. I think it's safe to say the world has heard of Him by now. Why don't you try something new and KEEP HIM TO YOUR FUCKING SELF???


kinda just lounging around the house today. hoping my contacts show up so i don't have to where my glasses to work again

And once again ... I'm just speechless.


What is the measure of a man? Is it his strength, or is it a thought that others feel a man must be. Is sexuality that much of a focus in life? The past is just that. We all dwell in it at times, but the present and future still are to come. Is BI-Sexuality that bad that one must be a pushed down for it.

Here's a guy who's married and is constantly writing shit like this. Why don't you just admit it ... YOUR FUCKING GAY!!!!!!! Admit that you got married to try to lead a 'normal' life while hiding your homosexuality. My advice to you : Get a divorce, let your ex-wife continue on her way to try and regain what sense of pride she has left, meanwhile your free to go out and suck dick without guilt. It's a win-win situation you stupid fudge packer!


Lost in thought, it is answers that are sought. How lost one can become. Fighting to find the light. Only to be trapped by darkness. Friends who seem true, now glow from their own radiation. Trusting only in ones self. The games others play. Only to be forced to play yourself. Where is the sanctity in life.

More stupid posting by 'gay boy'. I mean come on ... wake up to reality!! Your a married man who types poetry about how tough it is to be gay in the world. READ THE CLUES Sherlock Holmes. I say the sooner you have a big penis stuck up your ass, the happier you'll be.


Well that's enough for this time. And it also brings to a close the 'Facebook Analogy' series. After watching what everyone types for a couple weeks, and then commenting on it didn't take long to see a pattern that just about everything that gets typed out on Facebook is pretty much a repeat after a very short time. Hence, it is useless to continue this venture .. kinda like Facebook itself. Hope you enjoyed it, it was an interesting experiment for Me.

All 8 of the FaceBook Analogies will soon be available on DVD by late spring 2010 for only $29.99 plus S+H. Send your checks in today to make sure you get a copy!!

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