Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Health Care Passes Vote

Well here's My take on the health care debate.

Universal health care can probably be a good thing. Other countries have been doing it for years and have had great success. The problem lies with our government and the incredible success rate they have of fucking things up. We have such massive bureaucracy in every damn thing that it takes 2 years to swim through all the bullshit just to get something completed, and by that time, it's usually too late. If you don't believe Me, go "Google" new world trade center and take a look at the tower that's there to replace the old ones. That's right, 8 1/2 years later and there STILL isn't one built! That's not the United States I remember!!! The United States I remember would have built a new tower in 6 months after the bombing as a message of 'FUCK YOU' to the terrorists. But 8 1/2 years later, it's still in bullshit land with all the politicians. Nice work people.

Not to mention the core principles of health care. It really doesn't make sense that companies should profit on other peoples sickness. That alone just doesn't make much sense. So we got the American fat diet getting rich off us selling shit food, then we got the medical companies getting rich selling us pills because of the many consequences of eating the American diet. Hmmmmmm. But, bottom line .. people have to be stupid enough to eat crap on a daily basis to begin with. No one has a gun to anyone's head saying "HERE, eat this triple cheeseburger with bacon."

Or the fact that this country is a wee bit broke. I can understand Obama wanting to take on a major project while He's president, but under the circumstances I think if He just balanced the budget He would be a national hero. We sure as hell don't need any new projects to undergo during this time of massive deficits. If I were Him, I would have made a public speech that said, "I HAD a dream of national health care, but considering the reality of where this country is sitting financially, the plans have unfortunately changed and I must focus on getting rid of the massive debt snowball we are living in .. end of story!" But He's got his ego to fill, so here comes more spending on the way. I know, I know ... it's gonna SAVE money. BULLSHIT!!!! When has the government ever done something to save money?? They are the least financially responsible structure in the history of EVER!!!

Maybe I'm wrong about this outlook .. hell, I HOPE I am! But going by the track record of the results in the past, it seems unlikely.

And on a final note, I am very disappointed in Myself. I used to not care about world happenings. I never cared about what's 'in the news', and now I find Myself looking at news stories once again. It is on the internet, and not on TV, so I must give Myself some credit. I still won't turn on the boob-tube to this day. I admit, this gets worse in the winter months since it's usually minus 20 degrees outside, but that's still no excuse. There was a time not long ago that nuclear missiles could have been flying around the world, but as long as they didn't land on My property, I didn't give a shit. I guess being retired and living in frozen tundra land does have it's disadvantages as I will always find something to keep the mind busy. It's just that caring about what the rest of the world is doing is a terrible choice as people are idiots. I long for the days when all I care about is a little patch of land called the "State Of Les" again.

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